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Few diagnoses in the veterinary world bring more pain to a dog owner than one simple word: CANCER!


The mind instantly goes to the perceived harshness, and reality of chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation treatments. As well as, the likelihood of remission and the possibility of losing the battle altogether. And while conditions such as kidney and heart disease can be more difficult to treat—and have a poorer chance of survival than some types of cancer—this doesn’t stop the specter of cancer from casting a dark shadow over your pet and family.

Canine/cat cancer is common enough (over 90% positive cancer diagnosis after they are 10 years old), that you are likely to hear those words from your veterinarian.  What you may not know is that there are many options for treatment and care.

In veterinary and human medicine, the goal of cancer treatment is entering remission, not curing it.  Be very aware of the difference with this.  A cure is when something is forever gone in the body, “remission” means that there is a pause in the disease, but not that it is gone from the body forever.  If the disease is not removed entirely from the body, there is an extremely high percentage that the cancer will return. 

Think of Remission as “remembering your mission”, and your mission is giving your dog the best treatment they can have with the least amount of SIDE EFFECTS!

Why? The reason is that current veterinary (and human) medicine isn’t aiming for curative treatment. They say it would make too many dogs sick to try to cure them. This is ridiculous, of course the Chemo and radiation treatments that the vet is recommending will make your dog sick. Just as these same treatments make humans sick. This is just an excuse that they give us and we are supposed to take as fact. When the actual fact is that all animals get very sick with chemo, and they suffer with the effects of radiation, just like humans. They just can’t talk to us and tell us how bad they feel.


“They have the same side effects as humans do, please take this into consideration. 

No one would put their children through this, so why would you want to do this to your

best friend and companion?  Simple, you don’t, and up until now you didn't know there

was a safe and effective alternative to healing your pet!”

As part of the protocol for treating canine/cat cancer, veterinarians made the decision that dogs/cats will have to feel sick during the treatments. This is terrible because you cannot explain to your dog that he has to go through bad days now in hopes of having good days later.


Kushypet is the leading pet source for healing and supporting cancer, anxiety, arthritis/hip dysplasia, and seizures in your dog or cat.  If you have been to your vet, and received a NEGATIVE and SCARY diagnosis regarding your pet, you're probably left wondering what the heck am I supposed to do now.


We know exactly how this feels, because we have dealt with these challenges as well as many other ailments that can affect our fur babies in negative ways and make them sick.


Whether your dog has cancer, anxiety, or seizures, we can support you with the healing of your animal.


We will discuss the best treatment plan for your pet, with a diagnosis-specific dosing program that will get your fur baby feeling better in no time!


  Book a Free Consultation   with us and we will discuss if this is the best support for your dog or cat.

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Hello, my name is Rick and I want to tell you the story of my miraculous healing using plant medicine.

After being diagnosed with stage-4  prostate, lymph, and bone cancer, I realized very quickly that my long term survival rate was not going to be supported with traditional Western protocols and treatments.  As a new cancer client for the Big Medical Machine (BMM), the doctors tried immediately to convince me that there is no cure, but with chemo, radiation and surgery that I could probably get another 10 years or so.  In my mind I was thinking WTF, I'm 59 years old and I'm in excellent physical condition, there has to be a better way.  However, the doctors immediately tried to get me to “submit to believing” that this was my only option if I wanted to continue to live.


I chose a different path towards healing, and it didn't involve any chemicals in my body!  I wasn't interested in "remission", I knew with every fiber of my body that this disease could be healed in me.  So the first thing I did was disconnect from anyone or anything that wasn't in my "framework of belief" that my body can heal itself, and I created an environment that supported that healing.


Fast forward to today, I am completely cancer free! I was able to heal my body with plant medicine, and I can help you do the same for your dog or cat!  My wife Maria and my son, Zander, have been on this journey with me from the beginning, so they know and have witnessed the healing power of this plant medicine, and we want to share this powerful medicine with the world of happy pet owners!

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